Hey everyone! As you know, traveling to a foreign country can be difficult sometimes. You may not speak the language, and navigating cities can be confusing. For this reason, we have decided to compile a list of 4 tips to be prepared before you arrive to Barcelona!

Airport Transport to the city (Barcelona: 4 Tourist Tips)

As soon as you land in the Barcelona airport, you are around 30 minutes from the city. There are two very easy ways to get to the city. Firstly, you can hail a taxi. They are very organized and never in short supply. Just tell them the address of where you need to go (should cost 30-40 euros).

The second option is the Aerobus. This bus takes travelers from the airport to set locations in the city. You can purchase tickets in the airport (5.90 one-way, or 10.20 euros for roundtrip), or online.

Hola Fly Sim-Card

Once you arrive in Barcelona, chances are your cell plan will not carry over, or it will be very expensive. Don’t worry, getting a sim card is easy, you can buy it before you arrive to the city to be full prepared!

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Nightlife (4 tips to be prepared in Barcelona!)

Barcelona is famous for its nightlife. Massive clubs like Sutton, Opium, and Razzmatazz are always a great option if you like to party. There are also several neat bars with fun gimmicks such as Dow Jones which simulates the stock market with drinks. 

Touring the City in Barcelona Bus Turístic

There are many great destinations in Barcelona, with a bus tour you can make sure to see them all without taking too much time out of your day. A bus tour will usually last around 2-3 hours and will take you to some of the most famous spots in the city.

Barcelona: 4 Tourist Tips

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