Hi everyone! I hope that everything is okey, by the way because we have to stay safe! Almost the hall world is confined at home because of the Coronavirus (covi-19), so even because of this, we can always find some stuff to do and to keep our minds entertained, 5 ideas of what to do at home while coronavirus quarantine!


We know it can sound bored, but it’s not! You can find a lot of free ebooks on that websites.



And if you are a paper book person, we are sure that you have some forgot book in a shelving that you never read it! Just enjoy some of the 5 ideas to do at home while coronavirus quarentine.

2. LEARN SOME COREOGRAPHY (5 ideas of what to do while coronavirus quarantine)

Have you never wanted to learn a choreography? Now it’s the moment!

Here we let two of them:


We know that maybe you live alone, but even with this situation, to  make a video call it’s almost free! Enjoy talking with the ones you can’t on the day by day. Try to be in contact with the people, to disconnect, don’t be so worried about the situation we are living and to share as always.

4. Enjoy the TV!

Most of the Millenials we are getting used to watch streaming video. Why don’t bring the option to the switch in on the TV again? Even if it’s just to hear it from far. To have sounds around us stimulate us to not think too much… And to practice the patience with the advertisements it can be very useful for the future!

5. Courses + Museums

Have you heard that a lot of museums and institutes are opening their doors to let you learn for free during these days?

Here you have some places:

If you are doing some of this ideas, let us a comment and we will start a conversation with you!

And by the way, theres also another good idea… to remember how beauty is our city, and for this we have a looooooot of content here.

Gooooood bye and thanks for reading, as always!

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