Hi to everyone! We can finally say… welcome back Barcelona! Now that all the phases are done and the pandemic is controlled in almost all the country we arrived to the new normality. So here come we go with 5 activities that you will be able to do during this summer!

5 plans for the safest Barcelona

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Everybody was expecting to life the summer of their lifes and everyone was dissapointed because of the situation we lived with this coronavirus pandemic, but we have good news! Almost all the festivals in the city will adapt their shows to be able of garantie the security for everybody. It’s sure not gonna be the same, but better than nothing! Check below the links to the best ‘adapted’ festivals for this summer


Have you forget the books day? Of course we know already pased on the 23th of April, but the pandemic can’t forbid us to enjoy the new ‘Sant Jordi’ in July. Yes, you have well read it, the 23 of july we will have a new Sant Jordi type where you will find the best writers, readers and books. In person !! Forget to continue buying books on amazon, and get ready to see the city as beautiful as it is on Sant Jordi.

5 plans for the safest Barcelona


Stop Netflix, HBO or Amazon Prime. It’s time to enjoy again what to be in the cinema is. Sure you were waiting a lot of brand new movies, so here we go again. Have you ever been in Verdi cinema? It’s a very famous place in Gracia, and when the movie ends, theres a lot of local bar sor very cool restaurants where you can find delicious food and with an economic price!


Of coooooourse we don’t forget about the pride month. In spite of the pandemic situation, the organization from Barcelona is doing all what they can with the new ways to show some of their activities online, so here you have the program!


To much time at home, with the feets in the ground, don’t you?
Maybe it’s time to cruise the sea to make a round. About we are talking about? Have you ever heard about Golondrinas boat tours?
It’s the centenary company from the ship of Barcelona, ​​where you can choose between two different type of tours and enjoy the skyline of Barcelona around 60 while drinking a cava cup (also bottle of water foddie;)) or to know more details about the port of Barcelona with a guided tour during 45 minuts.
Sounds nice to be far from the ground this days that we have been so much on it.

Well, hope you can chose between this ideas, or just do it all!
The 2020 Summer is already here and we have the time, the illusion and the opportunity to enjoy! (always safe, if you want info about some places where you can find masks or antiseptic gel check here )

As always, thanks for feading us, see you in a week!

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