Hi all! We are here to remind you that you have to stop by MACBA to see the Takis expo. We’ve already seen it a couple of times, and it’s truly amazing. Still don’t know who Takis is? Don’t worry, when we went we did not know it either, but today here we are going to explain a little about him so that when you arrive and see everything he did, you will not stay thinking … what is this?

Takis esculture

Who was Takis (expo MACBA)?

The Greek sculptor Takis pioneered the creation of new art forms using magnetism, light and sound. He was born in Athens in 1925, but an important part of his working life took place in Paris, London and New York, between 1950 and 1970. Since then he lived in Athens until his death in August 2019.

What can we see in the exhibition?

This exhibition is the artist’s first solo show in Spain.
Throughout his seventy-year career, Takis has created some of the most innovative and controversial works of 20th century art, reinventing the formats of sculpture, painting and music in relation to energy in all its forms. aspects.

Although his early sculptures made explicit reference to classical Greek culture, he soon began to innovate by incorporating natural forces – especially magnetism (which is the most surprising to us), light and electricity – into his sculptures and paintings, as well as to your actions. Similarly, he moved from figuration to a work that was closer to experimental abstraction.

So, you should not miss this exhibition that ends on September 13, 2020, at MACBA, in addition to the fact that if you have never been you will see the most symbolic building in the area andall the culture and art that surrounds it in Plaça dels Angels .

If you go, let us know! It will be a pleasure to comment on what you think, and if you don’t check other plans!

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Bye byeeeee

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