Hyyy to everyone again! I’m sure that everyone is getting ready to take care around the city in due to this new normality, so answering the question: Where do I get mask or antiseptic gel? We organized a bit of information for you.

Where do I get mask or antiseptic gel?

No matter what time you arrive to Barcelona, or if you are already in, because here you have a list of 7 pharmacies that works 24h, located in the city, where you can get your available mask or you antiseptic gel.  If you want to know where are they located just click on the name of the pharmacy.

‘Face masks in Spain will be compulsory in public spaces where social distancing cannot be respected’ – El País

Farmacia Penella Peris

Farmacia Laguna Ventosa

Farmacia J. Clapes Antoja

Farmacia Boquer Torrens

Farmacia Torres Vergara, Antonio

Farmacia Hormigós 24h

Farmacia la Pedrera

Now that we can do it almost all, I mean, drink something on a terrace make a round around the beach or even say hi with the social required distance, we all have to take care to not make steps back. This ‘new normality’ it’s something with what we all will have to deal for a while, so take care of yourself when you will come to our city and take care of others as well!

Once you got your stuff, you will be ready to move around the city (according to the time-shifts of your age) and remember why we love Barcelona!

If you want more info about the changes that happen in further events check here!

Thank you for reading us!

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