Hi everyone! How are you? You can tell that summer has said goodbye to us and we are all a little lost in the city. The year has been strange, the summer has been strange and it has passed very quickly. And now it is autumn and we don’t know where to get the coat again! And what better with this freshness than going to showrooms and enjoy? We went a few days ago to the exhibition that National Geographic brought from Washington through Madrid, WOMEN, a century of change.

Reial Cercle Artístic

This exhibition conveys peace, sadness, joy and disbelief. It is divided into 6 sections and each one is named after a quality of joy, beauty, love, wisdom, strength and hope, in heres why the exposition name: WOMEN, a century of change

As you get into the line that leads the exhibition, you will fall more in love with the photographs, and despite being a small sample of the original exhibition, it is enough to see the change that National Geographic has experienced from the beginning of photography history until now.

It features a set of inspiring, moving and extraordinary stories of women who pushed boundaries, overcame adversity and broke new ground for themselves and others.

The oldest photograph in the exhibition is signed by L. Gauthier, dates from 1919 and portrays two young men dressed in traditional costumes carrying the flowers of friendship. The most recent was shot in Kenya by Nichole Sobecki in 2018 and portrays a well-known Kenyan long-distance runner dancing with students at the school she founded.

The exposition stais until 11th October and is located in the Reial Cercle Artístic, at the end of Portal del Ángel. Enjoy this place and tell us your experience there!

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