When booking a holiday we tend to look for the most common travel tips, transportation, accommodation or the weather. That’s why we thought about you. Check out our special travel tips in Barcelona!

Here are some interesting tips from a local to bear in mind when booking a trip to Barcelona. This guide might help you while you are visiting this amazing city. It will also avoid you having to deal with unfortunate situations.


Safety Advice

Watch out for pickpockets and not just in Las Ramblas but all-around Barcelona. You can never be sure who will be watching you. Keep an eye on your belongings all the time!


Be aware of scams. When visiting another country, it’s essential for you to pay more attention to weird situations. Make sure your Taxi driver is charging you the right fare and try not to get overcharged when eating in a restaurant on Las Ramblas.

Tapas Barcelona

Money Warnings

We all like paying with credit card because it’s easier and more comfortable but make sure you’re able to. Ask the waiter which is the minimum payment allowed as they probably won’t accept small ones. Always check your bank’s terms beforehand as the commission charged is always different. Do some research on Currency offices to get the best deal possible.

False Gastronomy

Eating paella or tapas in Las Ramblas isn’t what local people do in Barcelona. It’s probably the falsest Spanish food ever. Try to avoid going to these restaurants. They’re probably expensive and you won’t get the authentic Spanish food that you are looking for. I recommend having a proper look at local Spanish restaurants. Most of them offer daily menus for less than 10€. Try to look for them outside the tourist area.

Unexpected Tips

Tipping in Spain is not very common nor an obligation. However, it’s always pleasant to reward the waiter if you’ve had a good service. You certainly don’t need to tip when having drinks just because you think they are too cheap to be true!

Currency Exchange office in Barcelona

Lazy Sunday

Nearly all clothing shops in Barcelona are closed on a Sunday except Maremagnum Shopping Center. Make sure you have all your shopping done before Sunday! Restaurants, clubs and bars will be open on a Sunday for sure so, don’t worry, streets won’t be converted into a desert.

Free Museums

Although shops are closed on a Sunday, museums are open and most of them offer free entry on the 1st Sunday of the month. Make the most of it and visit museums for free such as the National Catalonia Museum of Art, the Picasso Museum or the Catalonia History Museum.

For detailed information on Free Admission Days for Museums in Barcelona, check out Barcelona Navigator. They have great tips and recommendations regarding Barcelona and nearby towns. Click here to find amazing black and white pictures  @barcelonanavigator 

History Museum of Catalonia

If you like art and managing your time, the Art Passport is perfect for you. It includes the 6 best museums of the city for a reduced price. It can be used within 12 months and Skip-the-Line access is guaranteed. Check out the Art Passport now!

Spanish Timetable

It’s important to bear in mind people’s habits when travelling to another country to blend in and enjoy its culture. People in Barcelona usually have lunch at around 2:00PM and they have dinner at 9:00PM. Between lunch and dinner we have “Merienda” which is basically a snack. Although, such a touristic destination like Barcelona has adapted to meet tourists needs and therefore, you will still be able to find bars and restaurants that are open outside those hours.

Smart Booking

Museums and main attractions in Barcelona can get very crowded in summer. Be smart and buy all your tickets beforehand. Not only you will prevent yourself from not getting in, but you’ll probably have a better deal online.

The Prawn Effect

Sunbathing on the beach or chilling in a park when the sun is shining feels good. But don’t forget to protect your skin. Skin cancer or marks are some of the consequences for being exposed to the sun for long hours. Don’t forget to pack your sun cream and avoid looking like a prawn! For more information on how to prevent the sun’s effect check out AECC.