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Barcelona is definitely seen as one of the most open-minded and liberal cities worldwide, making the city a go-to for the LGBT-community. Unlike other cities, Barcelona covers pretty much everything that someone would want.


The Barcelona Explorers Team interviewed Alba & Ainoa to give us a better insight on Barcelona as an LGBT-friendly destination. 

The 23 and 24 couple live in Barcelona and are currently planning their trip around the world. They also manage their own Personal Blog on Instagram, Find Alai focused on LGBT travel, nature and specially, LOVE. 

LGBT in Barcelona

Let’s read the interview on LGBT Barcelona!

How would you describe yourselves?

Ainoa describes herself as curious, active and an explorer, just like us. She likes practicing water sports, travelling and reading on her free time.

Alba is sociable, sporty and everyday more of an adventurer. She enjoys sports like rollerblading, trekking and above all, doing some amateur cooking.

What do you enjoy most about Barcelona as locals?

The cultural, historical and innovative offer that Barcelona has is exceptional for both locals and tourists. You’ll never get bored. We like the fact that there’s a wide variety of activities available and events to attend. It’s definitely a trendy multicultural community. We also love exploring the city, having cocktails on rooftops or enjoying the warm weather.

Can you name 3 positive and 3 negative aspects about Barcelona?

We love Barcelona as a cosmopolitan city and its climate and gastronomy are just the best. However, there’s a lot of pollution, mass tourism and pickpockets that ruin the imagine of such a nice place.

Do you think Barcelona is an LGBT-friendly destination?

Yes, of course. Not only because marriage of the same gender is legal in Spain but also because of the liberal atmosphere that you can feel when being here. You’ll see a lot of homosexual couples holding hands just like us and you won’t feel observed or uncomfortable.

What makes Barcelona so attractive as a destination for the LGBT community?

There’s actually everything you can think of, from pubs and musical bars to clubs, libraries, SPA’s, Hotels, shops, hairdressers or the Mar Bella beach, all focused on the LGBT community. The most famous neighborhood in Barcelona is the Eixample, also called Gayxample. It’s the go-to district to enjoy the overall gay vibe; colorful flags, rainbow crosswalks and other cute decorations. 

The most famous LGBT-friendly club is Arena and important events like Circuit Festival or the Pride are celebrated in Barcelona too. Many activities are also organized throughout the year such as the gay and lesbian cinema.

Would you recommend Barcelona as an LGBT-friendly destination?

Absolutely YES!!! Barcelona is certainly a place to explore, enjoy and relax. Everyone is welcomed to visit and experience what this city has to offer!

Thank you so much for your collaboration girls! 

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