Hy everyone! We hope that all of you are getting well and enjoying as much we can this summer. Today we come to invite you to go into a very special event that happens in Barcelona ‘IDEAL, Monet the immersive experience’, is a worldwide unique propose that show you in a most extraordinary way his collection located in Poblenou.

Claude Monet was a pioneer in the use of free brushstroke and the author of the painting “Impression, rising sun”, which served to give name to the artistic movement known as Impressionism.

The exhibition combines cutting-edge technologies to discover how Monet, leading an entire generation of artists, knew how to observe and represent reality in a revolutionary way. After the appearance of photography, the challenge of artists like Monet was to paint the changing reality, understanding the art of painting as a spontaneous act.

The place of IDEAL, ‘Monet the immersive experience’

Large-format projections in high definition will flood the central space of IDEAL, surprisingly explaining Monet’s particular pictorial technique and the history of his most popular works. A tribute to the painter who changed the history of art by learning to capture the beauty of the ephemeral.

In the central room where through some projectors you will be observing the exhibition, you will find disinfected seats and areas to relax enjoying the work of art that they have managed to create inside.

In the virtual reality zone, visitors will be able to walk through the most important destinations of the painter’s life: from his childhood in Le Havre, youth in Paris, stays in London, Zaandam’s Dutch refuge, family life in Argenteuil, until his last stage at Giverny.

We have been already there and probably we will go back before they change the exhibition on 13th of September, because then they will have another one!

Enjoy it and thanks for reading us, and in case you want to know more about Barcelona and it activities just check it out!

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