The fashion in Barcelona is nothing like I have ever seen before. If you wanna be hip to the trendy style of the city, follow this post for the do’s and don’ts of Barcelona fashion.

Do: wear platform shoes

One of the first things that I noticed here was the wild platforms that everyone wears. In the U.S. platforms are considered “eccentric” but here almost every girl owns a pair. If you have a pair of Doc Marten’s, bring them because that style of boots is extremely popular. In shoe stores, you will see people buying fake Docs as well. Weather it’s sneakers or boots, the taller the better!

Platform shoes are the style here
Don’t: wear flip flops or open-toe shoes

Hardly anyone wears flip-flops here even, although the climate in Barcelona is quite warm. Flip-flops just aren’t cute and we advise against wearing them unless you’re going to the beach in the summertime.

Do: wear puffy jackets/ jackets with fur

Barcelona locals sport the coolest jackets in the fall and winter. Round, puffy jackets are the style here which you will see different variations of. Fur jackets are also very popular and Zara is the place to go for these.

This puffy jacket was found at the Urban Outfitters in Plaça Catalunya
Don’t: wear American name brand jackets

The name brand jacket here is Norway. In the States, brands like Patagonia and North Face are popular, but you will see hardly anyone wearing these jackets here (unless they’re American).

Do: wear skinny jeans

Everyone wears cool jeans here. You will see all types of styles such as high-waisted and low-waisted, but the most popular style has to be skinny. Even the men here wear very tight jeans. Remember that people tend to wear darker colors here so stay away from the more colorful jean options.

Don’t: wear jeans with a ton of holes

Ripped jeans might be the style in the States but too much of a good thing can go wrong. Wearing jeans that are too distressed are considered inappropriate unless you are going to a night club. One or two rips is fine, but stay away from extremely tattered jeans. Also remember that jean shorts are not normal here, even when it’s hot so save those for the States.

Do: shop at Bershka, Pull & Bear and Stradivarius

Yes, Barcelona has stores that exist in the U.S. like Urban Outfitters and H&M, but they also have a ton of other clothing shops and boutiques. If you truly want to get a sense of how young people dress in the city, do shop at these three stores. All three have the same, trendy appeal and are super affordable options. These three stores are located all over the city. If you are shopping in Plaça Catalunya, you will find duplicates of the same store. Passeig de Gracia has quite a few shopping options as well if you are willing to pay for more upscale clothing. For vintage lovers, check out El Born and El Raval for the best vintage boutiques.

shopping in Barcelona

Hopefully, this post gave you a little preview of Barcelona’s unique style. Eventually you will get the hang of how to dress here, but until then, refer to our post if you need some tips!