Even if it’s getting more and more popular, Açai Bowls are still kinda new in Barcelona. After asking a few people if they knew what it was, they didn’t. However, there are many places in the city that serve lovely Açai Bowls and I absolutely love them. I sneakily have one Açai Bowl per week so, I should probably cut down before summer.


Açai is a small purple or burgundy fruit found in the Amazonian. This little fruit has many nutrients and antioxidants. Eating açai also works as an anti-aging natural product and has proteins, vitamins and omega. You can either have it in a smoothie, juice or eat it as it is. Many athletes have it to help them recuperate their energy after exercising.

Açai usually grows in Brasil, Trinidad or Tobago and even in Peru, among other countries. That’s why it isn’t that well-known around here. Also, exportation and transportation is very difficult because the fruit must be kept in frozen spaces.


As we’ve mentioned, Açai is a very difficult fruit to get so not many supermarkets offer it. It usually comes in small frozen portions or in powder and it’s actually quite expensive.

Açai is served in what we know as “Açai Bowls” which is usually an Açai smoothie with fruit, granola and other ingredients in a cute bowl. The Açai smoothie is mixed up with banana and milk. However, every place makes it differently so you just have to try a couple and decide which is your favorite.

Here are a couple places I’ve been to so you can have a general idea of what I’m talking about.


This is undoubtedly my favorite place to have Açai in Barcelona. It’s fresh and tasty plus the granola is completely home made. The Açai Bowl comes with plenty of Açai, banana, raspberries and berries, granola and little pieces of coconut. They also have other smoothies like the Peanut butter one, the blue lagoon or the orange smoothie.

Flexbowls Barcelona

Flexbowls Barcelona is located on Diputació Street, 289 and it’s close to Passeig de Gràcia. They also have a daily lunch menu and many desserts like carrot cake or chocolate fudge cake. Check out their instagram page on @flexbowlsbarcelona


FitBar Barcelona are around the city and have on-spot locations! There’s one in the Gothic Quarter, one in Barceloneta and another one on the beachfront.

This place only serves Açai Bowls with many many different toppings to choose from and are really nice. The FitBar at the beachfront is key after a long day on the beach. Their colorful tables and cool atmosphere make it even better.

Fitbar Açai


This gluten free cafe serves cookies, cakes, sandwiches and of course, Açai Bowls. However, the type of Açai that they serve was slightly different to the other ones. Unlike the other ice-cream type smoothies, this one was more of a liquid Açai. It wasn’t as sweet and there were too many chocolate chips. Even if it’s not one of my favorite ones, I still thought that the presentation was spot on.

Açai Bowls in Barcelona


Finally, another one of my favorite Açai places is Alma Libre. They also have a few Açai Bowls to choose from and you can even choose your own toppings. There are different sizes as well so if you’re very hungry you can get the 550ml one! I usually get the traditional size though as it really fills you up. They also have a full food menu, natural juices and even cocktails.

Açai Bowl

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