Travelling as a family to a new destination is not that easy. That’s why it’s important to know which attractions, museums or activities are best to enjoy with kids. Barcelona with children is fun, exciting and adventurous. Kids won’t get bored here and neither will parents! Here’s a guide to all families out there.

Poble Espanyol

Kids will have a firsthand experience as a proper Spanish artisan through workshops and activities. They can make their own T-Shirts, paint glass, make leather bracelets, soap or candles. It’s also suitable for families that want to do the workshop together. Check out their website as they have tons of family activities and events going on during the year.

Barcelona with children


This is the perfect museum to spend the day with kids as it offers entertaining and educative activities. Your kids will learn about history, science, nature and animals.

One of the most interesting and popular activities for kids is the “toca-toca”. Kids here can touch, see, discover and learn about different animals and their environment. Check the activity calendar and choose the best one for your kid like the “Brain Controlled Drone” or the “Solar Energy Experiments”.

They also organize different types of educational workshops about chemistry, history or science. The best way to educate your kids about the WORLD while having fun is here, in CosmoCaixa.

Aquarium & Zoo

As any other city, Barcelona has its own Aquarium and Zoo. It’s usuallt a must for families when visiting a new city as it’s an entertaining activity.

The Aquarium organizes sleepovers, activities, games, a holiday camp, birthday parties and even swimming with sharks in a cage!

The Zoo arranges educational activities for kids to learn about specific animals, the food they eat or the way they behave in their habitat. Check out the activity schedule on their website. Kids can also celebrate their birthday party or enroll in the holiday camp during summer.

Tibidabo Amusement Park

The Theme Park Tibidabo and the traditional Blue Cable Car were built in 1901. However, it didn’t offer that much entertainment as it does now, that’s for sure. Kids will fall in love with this magical place and the many rides. There’s also stunning panoramic views.

The Park improved its facilities in 2000 to offer a better service. They also included more rides, restaurants and shops. Here you’ll find Catalonia’s very first Free-Fall ride, the spectacular roller-coaster and a 4D Cinema.

Kids Walking Tour

The best way to get to know the city is on foot as you won’t miss out on anything. However, kids get bored and tired, as parents know.

This fun and educational tour for both kids will make it much more interesting. The main themes of the tour are candy, giants, legends, stories and treats. It’s perfect for families that want to explore the city together as well as its culture, gastronomy and history.

There are a lot of companies than run Kids & Family Walking Tours such as the Barcelona Family Tours. Do some research and choose the one that you like best.

If you prefer to get to know Barcelona in a more private and personalized way, there’s also Private tour guides in Barcelona that will be perfect for you.