Hi everyone! Because of the latest incidents in Barcelona in relation to robberies I was thinking about 5 tips to not have your things stolen, and not being a target.

TIP 1: Avoid distractions and be vigilant

5 tips to not be stolen

Many times we do not realize that when we are in the middle of the promenade, engulfed with gutters, or looking at the wonderful ice cream offered by the kiosks, in the meantime, we have our phone in our pants pocket. Be especially careful with large places, such as the subway, and famous touristic points… Today the most common robberies are those that we do not realize. Suddenly someone asks us for directions and at the same time, they are opening your backpack and taking your things. So try to stay alert while in busy or tourist heavy locations

It’s that simple.

TIP 2. Do not display valuables or make them easily available to anyone

In relation to the previous advice, do not place valuables in pants pockets (especially back pockets), small backpack pockets, or transparent bags (which are now so fashionable). It is very common that we carry our iPhone XSMax in the subway because we are using it, but it is even more common, that the robbers take advantage of moments in which we are distracted to suddenly take your phone from your hand and run away just at the moment when the doors are being closed to prevent us from going after them.

I know that maybe these 5 tips not to have your things stolen seem like common sense, but being reminded of them is sometimes very helpful.

TIP 3. Distribute your objects

Do not put all your valuables in one place. If you have cash, distribute it, suitcase, backpack, and wallet. If you can, leave some things in the hotel inside the safe so you will always make sure that it does not disappear.

Cameras, phones, objectives, passports, cards, be careful and do not put everything in the same compartment.

TIP 4. Use blocking mechanisms

It is not a bad idea for you to get a good lock for your backpack or that you carry your mobile phone protected with a password and fingerprint, just to make it as difficult as possible for thief to access your things or personal information. Thiefs look for situations with as little obstacles as possible.

5 tips to not be stolen

So if they see someones backpack with a lock and another without it, it will be easier for them to steal from the one that doesn’t have a lock.

TIP 5. Take special care of your mobile

It’s a basic, seems like today without our phones we are lost, but it is a fact that the theft of phones happens more often in this city. I (the writter of the post) have been robbed about 5 times in a year and a half. In different ways, inside a locked bag, pushing me, they have taken it from my hand … there are a thousand options. The problem is when I carry the train card inside of my phone cover, the phone is not insured and I don’t have the fingerprint set.

In addition, always remember that you should have your phone backed up to the cloud and always turn on locate my google or Apple phone just in case. You never know when or where your phone can turn up.

5 tips to not be stolen

And also, always file a complaint with the local police or mossos d’esquadra.

Well, those were our 5 tips to not be robbed for you to keep in mind, we hope we have helped you and that it never happens to you.

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See you soon!

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