Hi to everyone! Today we come to explain a very peculiar place. What can we find in a walk in Poblenou? History, fantastic places full of life and past.

Barcelona has many interesting places, some of them are very touristy and others, like this one, are quite far from the heart of the city.

Plaça de Prim

What can we find in a walk in Poblenou?

But not for that fact it is worthwhile to discover them.

This is the case of Plaça de Prim. It is one of the most emblematic squares in the Poblenou neighborhood and its history dates back to the mid-19th century.

History of the place

At that time, the square was a place of fishermen and workers in the neighborhood. It has the square and its surroundings a coastal town atmosphere, which is not a coincidence. Poblenou had a seafaring vocation that became an indrustrial zone. Precisely here we can see some of the last fishermen’s houses.

They are the typical low buildings, characteristic of marine districts that were constructed during the 19th century, houses with white calcium wall. Another distinctive element of the square is the three immense trees from the Argentine and Uruguayan Pampa.

One of the three trees

Why is Plaça de Prim called like this?

Prim inscription

The square was called Prim by the desire of the federalists and Republicans who wanted to honor the fact of digging with the monarchical absolutism of Queen Elizabeth II.

So, a place full of history. Are you agree with us, about the answer of ‘What can we find in a walk in Poblenou?’

‘Els pescadors’

What can we find in a walk in Poblenou?

In addition, in the square we can find a restaurant to eat and taste some of the best seafood dishes in Barcelona. The place is called ‘Els pescadors’, (the fishermen) logically, it does not deceive. Although their best dishes are fish, you can also eat ham, rice, fritters and meat.

Surely many people in Barcelona do not know about the existence of this place, so you should take advantage of it. Why? Because it is not crowded, because of the possibility of feeling like locals and because it is a beautiful place to go for a walk.

I hope you like it very much, and if you see it take pictures with the hashtag #barcelonaexplorers

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