Hi everyone! I come today to show you a magical and very filmed spot in Barcelona, The Bunkers, the best views from the city.

People making pictures up on the hill

Originally built by Catalonian Republicans during The Spanish Civil War, the bunkers sit upon the Turó de la Rovira hill on Carmel neighborhood. It’s one of the most unique and scenic views in both Barcelona and the whole of Spain.

The walk up the steep hill will sure get you sweating, but the views atop the bunkers are exceptional and it is a most of the city that you can’t pass away.

Why are the best views up there ?

Views with the spots

You’ll be able to see Barcelona skyline and the most important sites, as The Sagrada Família, Torre Agbar, Mapfre Towers, W Hotel as well as the Montjuic Mountain from the back with it ‘anell olimpic’ scenario from the Olympic Games 1992.

 You can appreciate the way Barcelona streets are designed or built and spot the main streets of Barcelona from the top of the hill, as Diagonal or Eixample streets.

The Bunkers are more than just a pretty sight however. The abundance of space and the lack of commercial business atop the hill has made the bunkers a favorite place to socialize among locals and tourists alike.

So if you are a lover of the chill music and just relax for a while, this is your opportunity among the chaos of the city.

Tips for the walk

Bunkers, the best views.
Night views

If you have occasion, it is better that you go during the week. There will be less people and it will be easier to find a place to sit down to enjoy the best views of Barcelona.

Watch the sunset from the spot. The orange light is reflected in the sea and iconic monuments such as the Sagrada Familia look stunning. Make sure what time it gets dark. Again, it is advisable to go in time to catch a good place to enjoy the show.

– Picnic and beer with views. After the rush, what you most want is to relax and have a drink. I recommend you take some snacks to be “like a queen” At least bring water!

-Do not forget the camera, and the tripod if you have!

How to get to Bunkers, the best views.

Metro: L4 (Guinardó) + 30 minute walk uphill

Bus: V17 (Gran Vista – Mitja Lluna) + 8 minutes walk uphill

Tip: Wear comfortable trainers/shoes, light clothing in summer and a jacket in all other seasons as it can get chilly at night.

Check the map if you want to have a look!


You can’t miss this place. There are also other sites from where you can see a very nice panoramic view or skyline, but from Barcelona Explorers, this is the best one!

Bye bye!