Hy everyone, it is almost Christmas time here in Barcelona (and around the world I know I know…) and we have to get prepared for the season. That’s why we have been thinking of a few markets and shops where you will be able to find all you need for christmas decorations and traditions.

Santa Llúcia Christmas Market

Santa Llúcia Market

Since 1786, the front of Barcelona Cathedral has been the main stage of Santa Llúcias Market, one of the most popular markets in the city. There, you can find handmade products and traditional elements for Christmas parties. Every year, more than two hundred stands fill the Pla de la Seu and Cathedral Avenue with a large variety of products.

The market opens at the end of November/beginning of December – always before December 13th, and stays throughout the Christmas parties.

There are four types of stands: one that sells a small reproduction of Jesus’ birth and Christmas decorations, the second one is the Green section, where you can find natural or artificial Christmas trees and other Christmas plants, in the third sector you will find a lot of handmade products, such as clothes, jewelry, and presents.

And the last one, the musical sector, has trumpets, tambourines and other Christmas instruments. Throughout the duration of the market, you will find shows and activities that relate to different Christmas traditions.

Sagrada Familia Christmas Market

Sagrada Familia Christmas Market

The Christmas Market at the Sagrada Familia has been held opposite to the Sagrada Familia church since the 60s. Nearly a hundred stalls sell all different kinds of figures and elements of ‘Belen’, Christmas trees and plants, gifts, food products, and candies. No shortage, of course, of stalls that sell the traditional cross. You can also find stalls that sell chestnuts and sweet potatoes.

This Christmas fair coincides with that of Santa Llúcia, which is celebrated in front of the Cathedral of Barcelona. And this is not a casual event, because the Sagrada Familia fair was created when there was no more space for stalls in Santa Llúcia, and several artisans decided to set up shop next to Gaudí’s masterpiece.

Käthe Wohlfahrt

Käthe Wohlfahrt

Käthe Wolfahrt is the feeling of Christmas transformed into a shop, that has the feeling of travelling in a small German town. Harald Wohlfahrt, the son of the founder, 1964, explains that it all started because his father made a music box as a present for an American soldier destined for Germany, from that moment they choose to make more traditional handmade products.

What you will find in this Christmas shop?

There are different big Christmas trees, Wood pyramids-that come from Bohemia, Sajona metal mountains, cuckoo clocks, nutcracker soldiers of all sizes, and a lot of different decorations for the Christmas season. There are around 5,000 products to help you decorate for Christmas available all year. Seems like the Christmas never ends in this shop, and even if you aren’t a Christmas fan, you should go there just to check out the incredible scene.

This isn’t the only Wohlfahrt in Europe, there are also stores in Belgium, France and EEUU. And of course, when Wohlfahrt realized that a corner shop in Banys Nous Street was available, he didn’t hesitate rent the open space to show us how to get in the Christmas spirit.

So… Christmas time is coming

All of these plans are recommended by Barcelona Explorers, to help you learn how to experience Christmas time in our lovely city. Also, don’t forget that on the 22nd of November, the Barcelona Christmas light decoration will turn on, it is a can’t miss spectacle.

Here are other tips for Christmas time and traditions, check it out!

Byyyye (ho-ho-ho)

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