Hey everyone! As you know, there is no shortage of good food in Barcelona. Today we are going to bring you some of our favorite places to get some breakfast and/or brunch in Barcelona.

Brunch and Cake

With ‘Brunch’ in the title, you would expect the brunch here to at least be decent, and it is way more than that, it is fantastic. I went on a Sunday and it was a little crowded but I didn’t have any trouble getting a table. The service was very good, and the atmosphere was peaceful. I ordered the scrambled eggs on a bagel, and I was blown away. It came topped with some fresh guacamole which was a great compliment. It is a little pricey, but then again it is hard to find cheap, delicious brunch anywhere. They have several locations in Barcelona so it is easy to find one.

Citizen Cafe

This is a staple for the study abroad student. Located near Placa Catalunya, this breakfast/ brunch place offers a little bit more of a closed off environment, but this doesn’t take away from the ambiance. The Citizen Cafe is a nice rustic cafe with great food for a good price. I ordered their eggs benedict with their homemade hollandaise sauce on an english muffin with bacon, and everything about the meal was incredible. I want to go back and see if they can sell me a bottle of that sauce. 

Breakfast and Brunch in Barcelona

Located near the Arc de Triomf, this cozy brunch place is a great find. I ordered the scrambled eggs with salmon on toast which came with fresh guacamole and salmon on another piece of toast. What can I say other than the meal was fantastic and relatively inexpensive for the amount of food. The food even came out in less than 10 minutes even though the place was packed. I would highly recommend this spot. 

Breakfast and Brunch in Barcelona

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