Hello everyone! Today we have something very interesting for you to explore, and that is the Cannabis Museum in Barcelona. Usually when you think of Cannabis in Europe, you think of Amsterdam. However, the cannabis industry is also very prevalent in Spain as well. 


Located in the Barrio Gotico near the marina, the Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum  boasts one of the largest collections of information about the history of the industry and over 12,000 cannabis related items. The museum seeks to explore the positive aspects of the plant, and inform people how useful it can be and was throughout history. 

Snippets of History

Soon after Columbus reached America, Europe was introduced to the idea of smoking tobacco in pipes. They wanted to add things to the tobacco to improve the flavor and experience of smoking. Some people added hemp as the plant was widely available due to its use in industry.

Cannabis and smoking houses were used as a means for sailors, soldiers, and artists to relax after a hard day of work or drawing inspiration. 

The museum dives into how hemp was used all over the world in places like Japan, Europe, and the Americas. 

Cannabis in Medicine

The museum also explores the medicinal use of cannabis. Marijuana was a very popular ingredient in medicine that was used to treat ailments such as muscle cramps, hysteria, and menstruation pains. 

The cannabis museum in Barcelona is a very interesting place to go, and I would highly recommend a visit.


Open Monday- Saturday from 10:00AM- 10:00PM And Sunday from 11:00AM- 8:00PM

Visit the Cannabis Museum’s website here.

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