As we’ve already mentioned in our other article about Casa de Les Punxes, this modernist house was declared a National Historic Monument of Interest in 1976. It was built by one of the most recognized architectures, Josep Puich i Cadafalch. The outside building is impressive, full of details and sculptures that literally blow my mind.

Modernism in Barcelona

Casa de Les Punxes is one of the Catalan modernism buildings in Barcelona that was built for a bourgeois family called Terradas. The elements in and outside the house represent modernism, the Saint George Legend and the family’s three daughters.

Catalan Modernism

When we previously visited the emblematic building, we only enjoyed the organized event “Theater at Casa de Les Punxes” so we didn’t get to see as much of it. Today, we’re introducing the new multimedia features that the house has added to immerse visitors in its’ history and Catalan culture.

Multimedia and Interactive Tour

Casa de Les Punxes

The interactive corridor represents a pond with fish, leaves and stones. As you walk through it, the waters’ reflection moves along with you, just as if you were touching it. It’s great for a cool picture and to play around for a bit!

Saint George Legend

Continue the tour until you get to this unusual setting that keeps showing pictures related to the Saint George Legend. I captured the rose image as that was my favorite one. If you visit Casa de Les Punxes you’ll be able to see the rest… For those who don’t know, men give women a rose on the 23rd of April following the Legend.

Terrace Vibes

After doing some reading on the information displays about the house and playing with the interactive touch screens, I finally made my way to the terrace.

Rooftops in Barcelona

The timing was perfect, it wasn’t dark or cold so I was able to get a couple cool shots of the sky, the terrace and the general vibe. Casa de Les Punxes will start its’ summer vibrant concerts, called Nits amb Ritme from 14th June, so start planning your nights in Barcelona now!

modernism barcelona

The weird pointed spikes in the terrace were used as little houses and are now open to the public. They are quite big once you’re standing next to them and you can appreciate all the tiny details and decoration.

Rooftop Bar at Night

As the evening went on, the sky turned darker and I realized that the relaxed atmosphere became bubbly and vibrant. They turned these little bulbs on and the open bar started serving all types of drinks; beer, champagne, wine and soft drinks. There were plenty of people enjoying a night out in one of Barcelona’s rooftop bars and it isn’t even summer yet.

Tickets and Offers

Casa de Les Punxes organizes many events and have a wide range of tickets like the Open Date, Exclusive Visit or the Plus Visit. They also offer brunch, lunch or breakfast on the terrace. It’s a really good option if you’re a big group of friends or if you just want to spend some time on a cool terrace in Barcelona.

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