Festivity’s Story

The Festa Major de Gràcia festivity began on the 15th of August in 1817. The main elements of the celebration are music, dance, decoration, fireworks and activities involving Catalan traditions.

The first celebration was due to a procession to recuperate the image of Mare de Déu de la Masia de Can Trilla. The community decided to have a celebration every year on the same date.

Over the years, this small celebration has become popular among all Barcelona. As a result, the Federación de Comisiones y Asociación de la Fiesta Mayor de Gracia was created in 1956 to organize the festivity.

The neighborhood began to organize activities like Les Sardanes (traditional Catalan dance) or Correfoc (fire beasts).

National Traditional Festivity of Interest 2009

In 1997,  Catalonia’s Government names the Festa Major de Gràcia as a National Traditional Festivity of Interest. Finally, the federation becomes the Foundation of la Festa Major de Gràcia in 2009. They promote Catalan traditions and work with the community to offer an amazing party.

Festa Major de Gràcia Today

There is a full program that you can find online with many activities and events. From outdoor breakfast meetings to exhibitions, guided tours, concerts and many many many Catalan traditions. All the neighborhood is decorated in different themes so, keep an eye open and don’t forget your camera!

It’s truly a unique experience that you’ll love and won’t forget. You can also visit at night with friends or family. Bars open until late offering cheap drinks and to-go snacks. There’s a few Vermouth Bars that specialize in this special Sunday drink. It’s worth trying out!

If you’re a sweet type of person and fancy a bun and a coffee before going back to the party, there are many small and cute shops around. Have a rest and enjoy cookies, cupcakes or pastries.

Gracia neighborhood

The neighborhood party isn’t difficult to find, just get off at any nearby station like Diagonal or Gràcia. Once you’re around, follow the crowds.


All day from the 15th of August until the 21st