Barcelona is a gastronomical hub for people of all different tastes. With 22 Michelin star restaurants totaling 33 Michelin stars, there is no shortage of incredible food in Barcelona. However, if you don’t want to spend a large amount of money at some fancy restaurant, there are plenty of other cheaper options that are still fantastic.

Cafe Viena 

Cafe Viena, also simply known as Viena, is a great establishment with locations all over the city. I usually go in my free time to do work and have a cafe con leche (less than 2 Euros!). While it is cheap, it is still very good, the same can be said about the food. I usually get a Prinz (pictured below), which is a very delicious and filling hotdog which costs under 5 euros. Viena is definitely a must if you want a good, quick coffee and snack without breaking the bank.


Bacoa is a must visit to find arguably the best burger in Barcelona. The burger chain prides itself on making everything by hand because “real food tastes better” and it’s true. Their menu consists of a large variety of burgers, many if not all for under 15 euros. They also sell some incredible patatas bravas as a side. 

To see a full menu, visit the Bacoa website here


Spain, and Barcelona especially, is known for its tapas. There is no shortage of places to eat incredible tapas in the city, although I feel as though I should point out a couple of highlights. One of my favorites for cheap and good tapas is Txapela. They have an expansive menu of over 40 tapas which are all worth trying. 

Another place for incredible tapas is L’Olivera, while a little pricier it is totally worth it. Their menu is a little smaller and a little pricier (usually 4-6 euros per plate) but the food is filling and worth the price.

Visit the Txapela website here.

Thank you for reading! I know the list is short, but hopefully you were able to get an idea of the incredible food that Barcelona has to offer. 

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