Hey everyone! We are here today to share with you an upcoming event in the City of Barcelona, the LLUM festival of light arts. This Barcelona light show is a neighbourhood wide showing of light as art in the area of Poblenou. The festival invites famous light artists from all over to participate and show off their work. 

Each work of art is a powerful reflection of our society or current state of the world. The art uses digital technology and projected imaging to show how visual art can be part of a city without being exploitative. 

The events range from being purely visual, to interactive, to performances. One of the events I think I should highlight is the Amadeus AI. This event plays classical music from the likes of Mozart on a motorized piano, and screens show the movement of hands and stimulation of the brain in real time.

The weather should be nice and the shows are going to be spectacular. However, while at the Barcelona light show, you still should be careful and mindful of potential pickpockets. As with any big city and crowded areas, pickpockets are going to be common. Just be careful with your belongings, and if you need any other advice on how to avoid pickpockets, click here.

For routes and maps of the installations, visit the LLUM website here.

Thank you so much for reading, stay tuned for more events and happenings in Barcelona!!

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