Hello everyone! This weekend I had the opportunity to visit the Dali Theatre and Museum in Figuras, Spain. The museum was an old theatre in Dali’s hometown that was burned to the ground during the Spanish civil war. Dali then purchased the property and converted it into a museum to display his works, as well as the works of some of his friends. 

Face of Mae West

One of the highlights of the museum is a living room with furniture decorating the room so if you look at the room from the right spot, it resembles the face of the actress Mae West. 

Face of Mae West, Dali Theatre and Museum

On the main stage is a grand portrait, while in the area that would have hosted an audience has been opened up to become a grand courtyard. Dali is actually buried in a crypt below the old stage.

Painting on the Stage, Dali Theatre and Museum.

The theatre and museum contains art that Dali designed specifically to be displayed here, including optical illusions, holographic art, and jewelry. The museum is home to the largest collection of works by Dali. 

Upside down room

Another highlight of the museum is the upside down room. This room contains a bathtub, a bedside table, drawer, and lamp that were all installed upside down on the ceiling. 

Non Dali Works

Dali dedicated a generous amount of space inside of the museum to his friends and other artists. An entire gallery on the second floor is dedicated to his friend and catalan artist Antoni Pitxot who became director of the museum after Dali’s death. 

In retrospect, this museum is a funhouse designed by Dali. This is a place where Dali could make the ideas in his imagination come to life. The museum is truly unique and therefore absolutely worth a visit. 

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