Hy everyone, we are here again. How was the week? We come today to explain you a famous spot in Barcelona, Colon Monument!

The tribute monument to Cristobal Colon is ubicaetd in front of Barcelona port, between la Rambla and the Colom Avenue. The escultoric build takes 56 high meters. About the interior of the column theres an elevator that takes you to the view point situated on the feets of the statue, where you can contemplate a 360º skyline.

His position was always relevant because actually he is not pointing to America, exactly is pointing to Italy. But thats because the creators had dubted about that Barcelona poblation would feel strange to see him pointing to la Rambla (the right way to America). The most curious that the first design of the sculture wasn’t pointing anywhere. Was similar to the Colons sculture from Madrid.

¿Why is a important spot for Barcelona?

The Colon statue was built as a a culminant point of the renovating litoral face from the city, because of Universal Exposition from Barcelona in 1888. The monument was made by Gaieta Buïgas i Monravà and the statue by Rafale Atché. Them both got the gold medal of the Universal Exposition and from then it turned in a symbol for Barcelona.

For the curious ones…

  • Do you know that…? Everywhere around the world theres 64 dedicate Colon scultures. This is the bigger one.
  • Citizien from Barcelona tip: if you go in summer, go at firts hours, when the views are nitide.
  • It is a most because: discover the 360º views from Barcelona, from the sea to the mountains.
  • Other magical spots from the city here.

To get the tickets just click here!

Thanks for reading us <3

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