Hey everyone! As you know, Valentine’s day is almost upon us which means it is time to do fun activities as a couple. Fortunately, we have done the research, and have come up with five date ideas in Barcelona

Aire: Ancient Baths

Want to enjoy a totally unique and relaxing experience with your partner? If so, you have to visit the Aire Ancient Baths. Located in the heart of Barcelona, these baths were inspired by the traditions of the ancient Romans and Greeks, and are a perfect way to unwind. There are plenty of options of different packages for couples to unwind from 100-400 euros. 

To learn more about Aire Ancient Baths, visit their website.

A walk around Born 

The neighbourhood of Born is a very trendy area. It has many boutiques offering designer clothes, as well as many quaint coffee shops, and at night the streets become lively with plenty of cocktail bars and people dancing. The neighbourhood is also home to the famous Picasso museum which holds many of his famous works. 

Visit the Picasso museum website to book your tickets here.

Erotic Museum Barcelona

Located directly across from the famous St. Joseph Boqueria, the entrance to the museum is small, but the inside opens up to reveal several rooms filled with erotic material from different places and time periods. Here you can see statues and artworks depicting different erotic material. You will also learn the history behind the erotic material, and what they mean to different cultures from different times. 

Date ideas in Barcelona
Date ideas in Barcelona

Book tickets for the erotic museum here.


The classic movie date, a traditional way to spend time with friends or loved ones. Fortunately, there are plenty of movie theatres in Barcelona that show the latest movies. While some movies are only in Spanish, you have the option to see specific movies in their original English version. Verdi, Diagonal Mar, and Phenomena all have movies in English (with Spanish subtitles).


Fine dining is not a difficult thing to do in Barcelona. With 22 michelin star restaurants and a plethora of other fantastic places, it is easy to find a restaurant for a romantic meal. A restaurant I would highly recommend is Osmosis. A unique catalan gastronomic experience, Osmosis prides itself on its intimate atmosphere and use of the best ingredients. 

Date ideas in Barcelona

Reserve a table on the Osmosis website here

For more date ideas in Barcelona, visit our website here.

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