Hi everyone, we are ready again to tell you what you can find in Futbol Club Barcelona Museum + Camp Nou Experience.

Barcelona, Camp Nou Stadium

The Camp Nou was inaugurated in 1957 on the 24th of September. However, it had also had multiple restorations to make the stadium bigger. It can actually accommodate up to 99,000 people.

Most people think that it is located in the city of Barcelona, but its not. It is located in Hospitalet de Llobregat, near Collblanc metro station and 20 minutes from Plaza Catalunya.

Futbol Club Barcelona Museum + Camp Nou Experience

Next to the stadium is ‘Barça world’, and I mean ‘world’ because there’s not only the huge stadium, a mega store with all kind of merchandise from the futbol Brand. Also there’s an indoor football field, a field hockey field, a basketball court, and an ice ring opened all year.

I am personally not a football fanathic but it is always interesting to know about the history of things.

The visit (Museum of Barça History)

The visit it is composed of two parts. The first one is the Museum of Barça History.

Futbol Club Barcelona Museum + Camp Nou Experience

Among many other things, you will see a space dedicated to Messi, the display case with all the trophies the club has won, and the interactive room with highlights from countless matches.

Then as you cross the press room, and the footballers lockers you will walk across the corridor that leads them (the team) into the stadium, which will leave you feeling like a champion like Messi or Piqué before starting a match.

And then, we arrive at the main camp. I can not express what it felt like being there. It is easier if I show you with pictures.

Futbol Club Barcelona Museum + Camp Nou Experience

I was amazed that they were selling grass from the main camp, isn’t it curious?

As a interesting point, theres a project on to renew the camp nou and the results will be amazing. On the museum tour, you will see a blueprint as well as a model of the plans.

Whether you like soccer or not, the Camp Nou Stadium is a must visit. It doesn’t matter if you watch a match or book a guided tour, you’ll absolutely love it. There’s also numerous cafes and a restaurants on the stadium with great views of the field.

Here you have the option to get the self-guided tour with online tickets or with a guide and the ticket included.

Hope you liked the post of today and see you next time!

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