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Barcelona’s Explorers aim is helping explorers to find their way around Barcelona from a local insight. We bet for those who are ready to get lost in our city as it’s the best way to really get to know Barcelona’s culture and atmosphere. Barcelona Explorers talks about Travel Tips, events, curiosities, attractions, nightlife or Catalan traditions, among other topics. An up-to-date guide that will definitely help you while visiting this amazing city and who knows, it might become your favorite Barcelona Guide. 

Discover amazing tips on Barcelona such as how to move around the city or perhaps, how to get to the city center from the Airport. Moreover, summer is a great time for events and you’ll definitely want to try them out. Check out 2018 events to prepare for next summer.

Barcelona Explorers is the ultimate travel guide for those who’d like a little bit of planning but also love adventure and getting lost. We are a Travel Blog specialized on BARCELONA and its surroundings as Costa Brava and Tarragona are worth mentioning.

We specialized on Travel Tips, attractions, off the beaten path locations, hidden gems, events, curiosities, nightlife and traditions. All classified in the different neighborhoods around Barcelona (if possible).

Explore the city with us and give us some feedback on our work!