Being on vacation means not worrying about anything, enjoying the moment and having fun above all. However, we have created this guide on how to be a good tourist. Not only will

As any other big and popular city, Barcelona is a crowded place, being tourists the main visitor. However, tourist’s bad behavior in the Catalan capital has become an issue within the community and it isn’t getting any better.

Would you like to know which common mistakes do tourist make? Check our article!

What NOT to do:

  • Do not throw trash or any other materials on the floor, use the many bins that you can find along the street.
  • Don’t walk around the city in your swimsuit, it is only allowed on the beach or nearby locations.
  • Don’t disturb neighbors with loud noises and inappropriate behavior.
  • Do not drink or piss on the streets, use bars, restaurants, clubs or your own accommodation.
  • Don’t smoke in public places where it is strictly banned.
  • Do not use rental scooters, bikes or other transports in an inappropriate way as you are risking people’s safety.
  • Don’t disrespect your surrounding just because you are not in your own city.
  • Do not have unnecessary disputes, fights or arguments when they can be easily avoid.

To do TIPS:

  • Explore nearby places and discover hidden gems such as Begur in la Costa Brava or Santa Pau in la Garrotxa.
  • Put sun cream at all times and protect your skin from marks, sunburn or skin cancer.
  • Use drinking water from fountains instead of buying tons of water bottles.
  • Recycle cans, glass bottles or paper to contribute in reducing consumption.
  • Take time to look for an authentic Catalan restaurant and avoid fast food chains.
  • Read local’s bloggers (just like ours) before your trip and find out the best tips.
  • Book registered Airbnb’s or other touristic apartments.
  • Buy fresh food from Santa Caterina or Sant Antoni market.
  • Walk or use public transport to reduce pollution.
  • Make sure you have your documents secured and on you, in case you are stopped by policemen.

Let’s make the world a better place!