Among the many attractions to be found atop Montjuic, the Jardins de Laribal is among the finest sights thorough Barcelona. It has an excellent environment to relax and enjoy the scenic quality of Montjuic without the large crowds that often populate other parts of the mountain.

Garden’s Inauguration

The gardens were created in 1917 as part of a grand landscaping project that began in 1894 with the goal of revitalizing the whole of Montjuic.

Inaugurated in 1924, the gardens serve as a place of relaxation and scenic beauty ever since. Their location on Montjuïc makes them essential when visiting other attractions in the area. Moreover, there isn’t many people around so it gives you a break from all the crowded atmosphere.

Other nearby attractions that you can visit are the Fundació Miró, the Olympic and Sports Museum, the Olympic Stadium or the Botanical Garden. There’s also many different sculptures around the mountain, which stands out from other places in the city.

One of the most important venues is also atop Montjuïc. You can access Palau Sant Jordi by walking further up or perhaps, catching the cable car. Some of the singers that already performed in Palau Sant Jordi are Rihanna or Beyonce.

How to get there

Bus: 55, 150

Metro: Poble Sec L3, Pl. Espanya L1