What is the Magic Fountain?

The Font Màgica (magic fountain) of Montjuic was built for the Universal Exhibition of 1929 by Carles Buïgas. The project needed more than 3,000 workers, which was very ambitious for that time.

This great fountain splashes 2,600 liters of water per second, creating a spectacular show of color, light, music, and water acrobatics. It seems like magic.

Site’s History and Facts

The Four Columns were designed by architect Puig i Cadafalch in 1919. These four iconic columns symbolize the four stripes of the Catalan flag. This is actually the reason why they were demolished in 1928 by the dictatorship of Primo de Rivera, although finally rebuilt in 2010.

Montjuïc Mountain Surroundings

If you walk up towards the Montjuïc Moutain, you will find the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya, the Montjuïc Castle, the Olympic Stadium, a Botanical garden and a couple more museums such as the Sports Museum and the Fundació Miró. All located within the same area.

Put your trainers on and walk up the mountain to discover all these places in one day while enjoying the sun. However, don’t forget to drink some water too! There’s also a swimming pool at l’Estadi Avenue in case you would like to freshen up a bit.

Poble Espanyol (Spanish Town) is also near the Magic Fountain. Enjoy the charming squares, streets and shops. Moreover, experience the traditions and landscapes of live craftsmanship, contemporary art and gastronomy. Poble Espanyol also offers an event’s program that takes place during the day or night such as concerts, festivals and family activities. Perfect for all the public!

If you like nature, art and history, this is the place where you have to be when you visit Barcelona

how to get there

Address: Pl. Carles Buïgas, s/n
How to get there:
Metro L1, L3 & FGC (Plaça Espanya) Bus9,13,27,30,37,50,55,56,57,65,79,109,157y165| Web: www.bcn.es/fonts


Fall & Winter: Friday & Saturday from 7 to 9pm.. Spring & Summer: from Thursday to Sunday, from 9 to 11:30 pm.