Hello explorers! A new week, a new month and a new destination! It is time for you to get to know Manresa in a day trip, capital of Bages, province of Barcelona. This city has many things to see. I’m going to explain some of its modernist details, a museum of technology and some other curiosities. Are you ready?

Modernism in Manresa trip

Modernist art lovers have an indisputable stop in Manresa. There are many proposals in this style that were added to the city as it grew.

The Passeig Pere III is a long street of the city that was created after the demolition of the city – walls, you can see many modernist details and clashes between the old and the renovated of the city.

You will also find between Plaça Sant Domènec and Carretera de Vic numerous modernist buildings that are a reflection of the tastes of the time by catalan bourgeoisie.

Join the Basilica of Santa María de la Aurora, the Carrer del Balç or the Pont Nou de Manresa, this places are a must!

Museum of technology of Manresa

Did someone say culture? History or Science? You know how much we like this type of plan, walk and museum! Well, in the Museum of Technology you will learn a lot about the city.

The function of this museum is to bring people closer to the industrialization process of Catalonia. The main detail of this place is that it is located in the old water tanks of the city, built between 1861 and 1865. This old water tanks were subsidized thanks to a bank called Caixa Manresa, which soon after went bankrupt.

And here we find the point, water is one of the most precious goods for the city of Manresa.

The museum has a section dedicated to pre-industrial times, in which a wide collection of machinery for various industries is exhibited, such as silk, chocolate and belt making.

Now that we are all back to our routines and we will appreciate the weekends more than ever. Do not miss this city full of history and culture, it will leave you amazed.

If you are going to share your experiences with us, there is nothing we like more than knowing that you enjoy these plans as much as we do!

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