How are you? August is over and little by little everything returns to normal with respect to covid-19, but do not stop protecting yourself with the mask and gel! Always be careful in all the plans you make… And talking about what to do, today we come to explain a special place in Barcelona that after many attempts has found its reason for existing. Do you like Harry Potter? Game of Thrones? The Lord of the Rings? Asian food? I don’t know if you’ve ever been to Camden Town – London, but in Barcelona we have the famous “Galerias Maldà”.

A perfect place for fans of everything fantastic, curious, different and geek in the world.

Which kind of shops will you find in Galerias Maldà?

  • Funko Barcelona opened in April. Here you will find characters of all kinds-even the late Laura Palmer- Funko pop version: those big-headed dolls with round eyes that have been so fashionable for a long time
  • KameHame Shop, they say that it is the only Dragon ball store that exists in all of Barcelona.
  • Cosplays? The Costurero Real will offer you his magical creativity and is capable of recreating costumes of what you ask him!
  • Gothic clothing? Cadmium Rose is a specialist store in this, you will find everything you need and your fantastic shop assistant will help you to select.

They manage also a lot of events, like the last cinema week, or the harry potter fans meeting, you can check everything in their website!


If you would like to take a tour of a very particular place, do not hesitate. Galerias Maldà are a must in the city and more now, that we have to support our small businesses.

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