Many locals still go to their local markets in Barcelona as part of their daily routine. Actually, It’s been a tradition for a long time and it’s probably the best way to buy the freshest food. Therefore, it doesn’t come as a surprise that these markets have become very popular, even for tourists.

There are a few markets that stand out for its architecture, history or location. Let’s see which are the most popular ones in Barcelona and try them out on your next visit.

La Boqueria Market

The current building dates back to 1836. However, documents confirm that vendors started to set up stalls around the 12th century. Just in front of what we know now as La Boqueria on Las Ramblas.

The tall and modern indoor market was designed by Josep Mas. He used iron cast and glass to house the stalls. It was actually the very first outdoor market in the city.

Today, it’s one of the most popular markets in Barcelona and Europe with more than 300 stalls. Here you can find authentic Mediterranean gastronomy, other cuisines and a lot of colorful food.

Boqueria Market

NOTE: Get up early and go in the morning as it can get a bit stressful due to the amount of people.

Santa Caterina Market

The market opened in 1848 and it was the first covered market in the city. It was designed by Josep Mas. They did a few restorations over the years and in 2005, the market became a symbolic place in Barcelona.

As a result, the market is now a new attraction for tourists. The contemporary rooftop is the star element. It’s a wavy structure covered by 200,000 ceramic hexagons in 67 different colors and it was designed by Toni Cumella. The colors represent vegetables and fruit highlighting all the building.

Sant Antoni Market

The modernism Market is located between el Paral·lel and el Raval. It was built at the end of the 19th century and it’s one of the most important markets in Barcelona.

There’s 3 different markets in it; Encants, Alimentació Fresca and Domincal del Llibre. This market was restored in 2007 but it just opened its doors again. It’s not as crowded as the Boqueria Marquet and you can pretty much find the same thing.

Mercat Sant Antoni

Encants Market

Els Encants Vells-Fira Market de Bellcaire, known as “Els Encants”, was created from the merging of two markets on the 19th century. The outdoor market offers a huge range of new products and second hand items like antiquities, stamps, jewelry, furniture, clothes, artwork and even electronic devices. There are around 160 stalls to choose from. If you look up you’ll see the 24-meter-high cover decorated with mirrors. Have a first-hand experience in one of the authentic auction. From 7:30 AM to 9:30 AM on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.


There are other smaller markets or fairs in each neighborhood in Barcelona like the Christmas markets, Saint George markets or clothes markets.

Markets in Barcelona

If you’re a fan of markets you could also check out these ones while you are in Barcelona: Fira Artesana, Plaça de Sant Josep Market, Flea Market, Mercat del Ninot, Mercat de la Concepció, Mercat de Sarrià or the Fira de Nautumismo.