Every country, city or town have their own history, landmarks and curiosities. But… It definitely seems that we sometimes not know much about our next destination.

Curiosities are exciting, interesting, attractive and sometimes funny. It’s not good enough to just know about an attraction. The ideal thing is to know other “aspects” of it and as a result, enjoy the experience even more.

Here are some of the curiosities that you probably don’t know about Barcelona. I’m sure you’ll feel like a pro when you tell your friends about them.

Las Ramblas

This promenade is not just one street, but rather five different boulevards altogether. Las Ramblas is the plural name for the 5 different Ramblas which are: Rambla del Canaletas, Rambla dels Estudis, Rambla Sant Josep, Rambla dels Caputxins o Centre and Rambla de Santa Mónica.

Las Ramblas Barcelona

Sagrada Familia

The first designer of Sagrada Familia was Francisco de Paula del Villar in 1882. However, Gaudí took over the project one year later. Sagrada Familia has taken 136 years to build so far, which is longer than the construction time of the pyramids.

F.C Barcelona Camp Nou

It’s the biggest stadium in Europe and the second biggest in the whole world with a maximum capacity of 99,350. The Football Club’s owners are actually their own members (140,000 approximately).

Camp Nou

Ghost Metro Stations

There are also creepy, abandoned and ghost stations in Barcelona. The Correus Station got abandoned in 1972. Similarly to Marina Station, that never got used. Banc Station didn’t even got finished and the Gaudí Station wasn’t even inaugurated. These are just some of the haunted stations that you can find in Barcelona.

Transport in Barcelona

Other curiosities

Finally, here are a couple more curiosities about Barcelona that are certainly interesting and worth knowing.

  • Barcelona didn’t have a beach until the Olympic Games in 1992
  • The city is one of the 10 most visited cities in the world
  • It’s home to the biggest metropolitan park worldwide
  • It’s one of the most LGTB and bike-friendly cities in Europe

There are many other curiosities that you probably don’t know about Barcelona. Be curious and find out surprising aspects of the city!

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