By the way of introduction, I will explain you a little bit about The Delta del Ebre. This incredible location gives us the possibility to enjoy a special and unique type of nature.  It is located in the mouth of the Ebro river, in the area of Tarragona, the south of Catalonia. 

It is well known that this landscape has a strong personality due to the extensive rice field, their lakes surrounded by numerous rushes or especially, their large and deserted beach. 

Natural park of Delta del Ebre

Our first stop the natural park, the largest wet zone of Catalonia, that posses a surface of  320 km. It is one of the few places where you can find flamingos only in the summer season. 

Los Vascos restaurant

At noon we decided to move to the north and to look for a good restaurant.  Then, we find a good one with positive reviews called Los Vascos. It is located next to Deltebre village. It was a really good option due to is located in the beginning of a really nice excursion that we want to do after have lunch. 

This restaurant is widely known for its seafood and Paella. They have a wide variety of dishes in the menu, such as squid, prawns, scallops or mussels. 

As a starter we choose mussels. From my point of view the seafood was delicious, they were covered of a typical catalan sauce called “romesco”. Furthermore, as a main course we choose Fideuá, a typical spanish dish. Fideuá is similar to paella and is made with seafood as well. But instead of rice it is cooked with noodles.

Fangar lighthouse

After have lunch, we decided to start the trekking. The starting point, as i said, it was the restaurant. We were walking along massive sand dunes around 2 hours and a half till reach the other side of the beach.  Finally, at the end we find the amazing lighthouse. 

In my opinion, the trekking itself was a little bit hard because of the warmth but it was worth it.  I feel strong that if anyone ever go to Delta del Ebre, it is an essential place to go.  On account of the fact of its golden sand and calm waters make it a special beach.

Trabucador beach

After that, we moved to Trabucador beach. It’s undoubtedly the most famous beach in the whole area. A very long beach, surrounded by water on both sides. Moreover it is a spectacular place to practice water sports and enjoy the charm of the beach without many people around.

Sunset in Trabucador beach

From my point of view, the best time to go there is around 8 p.m due to the spectacular panoramic view of the sunset.

As a conclusion, Delta del Ebre is a nice place to get lost and search the relaxation that sometimes its diffucult to find. Added to that, i should tell the importance to bring with you mosquito repellent, since the area is full of insects.

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