Want to see a movie under the stars? Here’s your moment. Summer is the perfect season to make it real. Let me tell you all about the Open-air cinema in Barcelona 2019.

During the summer months the city of Barcelona has more and more opportunities to enjoy a movie outdoors. Above all, make sure not to miss out on any of these special events.


Cinema a la Fresca. Fossat de Santa Eulàlia moat at Montjuïc Castle.
Photo by: Arabia El Bouhmi Fernández
Place: Fossat de Santa Eulàlia moat at Montjuïc Castle (Castell de Montjuïc)

Sala Montjuïc is a project organised by Associació Cultural MODIband, a cultural association established in 2003. It offers an outdoor cinema at the foot of a castle, an incredible and different option for a summer night. You can enjoy a guided tour of this magnificent site as well, where you will see many fantastic views of the city.

The price of entrance is 6,5€, though there are other optional extras such as lounger hire 3,25€, a visit to the castle 5€, or eco-picnic 11€. 

The Eco-picnics are packed meals that you can order in advance. They include a burger, chips and a soft drink or beer. All for just 10 euros ordering in advance (25% less than if you purchase one on arrival).

Menu of the Eco-picnic

You are allowed to bring food and drink from home, but you can also find bars and restaurants at the venue. 

You can buy your tickets on the Sala Montjuïc website.


Cinema-lliure Barceloneta

This is the eighth edition of this event, probably one of the most popular of the summer season as it is free. You can enjoy this particular event from the 27th of July to the first of August.

In addition to Barcelona, you can also find this event in Badalona, Palamós, El Prat, and Mataró. The films selected in this particular event stand out for being great independent films, as is the case of  “Viaje al cuarto de una madre” directed by Celia Rico or  “Carmen y Lola” directed by  Arantxa Echevarria.

As usual, Cinema Lliure a la Platja saves the last day for the public to choose the movie. They will do it through their website Cinema LLiure.


One of the classics that can not be missed year after year is the event organized by the Cotxeres de Sants Civic center. This cycle of films stands out for showing high quality films that have received great recognition, both nationally and internationally.

Cinema a la fresca-Les Cotxeres de Sants

It begins the 20th of June and goes until the 18th of July, every thursday at 10pm.

All sessions are free. You can find the entire program on the Cotxeres de Sants website.


Every Thursday of the month of July and the first of August, the “Cinema a la fresca Illa Diagonal” takes place in the Gardens of San Juan de Dios, in the back of l’Illa.

Cinema al aire lliure-la illa
Terrace of Illa diagonal

The venue is open to the public starting at 9 p.m. and the session starts at 10 p.m. The price of tickets is 3.5€ they can be bought in advance by Atrápalo or at the box office of the venue on the same day.

You are not allowed to bring food from outside of la Illa. 

Furthermore, there are some extra services. On the one hand there is a lounge rental service for 2€. Or you can buy dinner while you are enjoying the movie. 


In this cycle, a selection of feature films with endearing and exciting stories from different cultures will be screened. A trip through the big screen, which starts in Japan and passes through India and Brazil, among other countries. The event will start with the projection of The Leisure Seeker, which was part of the Official Selection of the Venice Festival.


All the films will be projected at 8 p.m. with a cost of 4 €, all clients of CaixaBank have a discount of 50% on the ticket price. 

You can find the entire program on the CaixaForum website.


This is one of my favorites, where jazz and cinema come together. 

In this case, film series at the CosmoCaixa have a very specific background: parallel realities, identity and reflex game. All screenings will be preceded by concerts of jazz. All the films starts at 10pm and the jazz concerts start at 9 pm.

Cosmonits at Cosmocaixa museum
Cosmonits at Cosmocaixa museum

As well as CaixaForum, the price is 6€ and has an additional discount for CaixaBank customers. Furthermore the admission ticket will allow you to visit the museum itself and their temporary exhibitions.

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