The Park Güell is located between the neighbourhoods of Coll, la Salut, Vallcarca, Penitents el Carmel and Can Baró. Above all, it is one of the largest green spaces in Barcelona, with more than 17 hectares.


In the firts place, Park Güell owes its name to Eusebi Güell, who gave Gaudí the job of building an urbanization for well-off families on a large property in the zone known popularly as the Muntanya Pelada.

The architect wanted to recreate the British residential parks, for that reason he called it “Park Güell”, in english. 

The Roadways, Paths and Viaducts of Park Güell
The Roadways, Paths and Viaducts of Park Güell
Photo brom Pixabay by Logga Wiggler

As a consequence of the lack of buyers the construction was abandoned in 1914. Only two of the sixty houses envisioned were built. As a result, the project became a private garden, which Güell allowed to be used for public events.

After the death of Eusebi, the city council decided to buy the park in 1922. After that, the park became an important tourist attraction in Barcelona as a monument of reference. It has also been declared a UNESCO World Heritage site.


The Austrian Gardens 
Photo by ccpapa
Park Güell
The Austrian Gardens
Photo from Pixabay made by CCPAPA

The garden has great views. Actually, from the center you can see the houses that where built in the Eusebi Güell decade, which is now the Gaudí House Museum.


The dragon stairway. Photo by quimuns. Park Güell
The Dragon made of trencadís
Photo by quimuns

The stairway is organized in three sections, where a fountain flows. You can see the shield of Catalonia and the dragon, both mades of trencadís. Consequently, the dragon has become the most iconic image of the park.


The Greek theatre also known as The Nature square, is the focal point of the park. As a highlight, there is large corrugated bench, which is lined with trencadís.


  • Opening time: 8AM
  • Closing time: 8.30PM
  • Last hour of access: 7.30PM


General admission10 €
Children under 6 years0 €
Children from 7 to 12 years7 €
Senior7 €
Disabled person7 €

You can buy your tickets here


  • Bus Güell : Is a direct way to get to Park Güell from the Alfons X metro station (metro L4). The shuttle bus is included in the price of the ticket to the park.
  • Metro L3 Lesseps or Vallcarca station
  • Bus line H6 or D40 lines

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