August closed the door and it is giving us a good taste of the local neighborhood festivities especially with Sants and Gracia street art! Barcelona it is always surprising us! Today we are going to show you some of the best awarded streets from Festes de Sants in 2019.

We can not fool ourselves as they have really worked it out!

Foto de @Raisabate – instagram

First Place: Sagunt Street (Sants)

Foto © betevé, 2019

This Street took the first award. Reproducing Palau de la Musica Catalana with the sculptures and the typical ‘trencadissos’ that remind  us a lot of Gaudí, and the wonderful stained glass windows. It deserved the first prize.

Second place: Alcolea de Baix Street

Foto TOTBarcelona © 2019

If we take in consideration that the Escape rooms are a trend, on this street they took it seriously. They create a hint game to escape out of the Street, and they won the originality award.

Third Place: Alcolea de Dalt Street (Sants)

Foto © betevé, 2019

The neighbors of the last street weren’t less than the others as they reproduce the 75th anniversary of Paris liberation from the Nazis during WWII. They did a very good reproduction of the Eiffel tower, Voltaire library and war tanks.

4th Place Galileu Street (Sants)

Foto © betevé, 2019

We just arrived to Turtle Island! A fantastic and picturesque reproduction of the tropical flora and fauna that evolves you with the ambience of authentic pirates and buccaneers.

5th Place Guadiana Street (Sants)

Foto © betevé, 2019

Who hasn’t seen Coco movie? Well, if you haven’t, the essence of this Street will leave you speechless. They show us a reproduction of the Mexican Day of the Deaths.  Very faithful to the Pixar movie!

6th Place Valladolid Street

Foto © betevé, 2019

Characterized on Dalí’s thematic, this Street shows us how he was and they translate the idea of some of his art in singular decorates.

7th Place Vallespir Street (Sants)

Sants Neighborhood
Foto de @francarcamoa – Instagram

The decoration is inspired by successful movies from the seventies and eighties such as Terminator, Gremlins, and Freddy Krueger, you will feel as though you are in a very old cinema when walking around this street.


They were a lot of beautiful streets on this Festes de Sants 2019 , but we think that it is a better idea to keep a bit the essence and details of this festivity, to letting you the eagerness to investigate and come in next year to see it for yourself.

The Streets are opened to the public all day, and at night you can find a lot of concerts with different styles of music on the same decorated streets.

Furthermore, you can find a small fair with a few activities for children if you go on a family walk.

Enjoy our city and remember, feel like a local! Check out more information about the neighborhoods and the country 😊

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