Nightlife in Barcelona is a popular and attracting feature that attracts many tourists every year. Barcelona absolutely ROCKS and it definitely doesn’t sleep just like New York.

Barcelona isn’t one of the main cities for hen nights, stag parties or other celebrations YET. However, it’s certainly one of the best places to get that ANIMAL PARTY out from you!


Nights here are varied, intense, spectacular, unique and perhaps a little quirky. The wide range of clubs in the city gives everyone the opportunity to blend in. From R&B and Hip Hop to Pop, Rock or Jazz. There’s also organized activities such as Pub Crawls, Boat Parties, Nightlife Tours, night shows, festivals, events, Day time Parties and many more.

Nightlife in Barcelona

Not sure what you are looking for or whether you are in the right neighborhood to party? Plan your night out with the Nightlife Guide!

Gothic Quarter

The Gothic Quarter is the most centrally-located area in Barcelona with Plaça Catalunya and Las Ramblas very close to each other. Here you’ll find the tinniest, weirdest and cheapest Pubs like Sugar (my favorite one) or Bar Sincopa. Don’t fool yourself with the weird-looking pubs as they’re the ones that will offer shots for 1€! Head to Plaça Real, the most vibrant square in the neighborhood which is always bursting with people and entertainment. Don’t miss the Jamboree Club that plays R&B and Hip Hop (they also do Flamenco shows), Rey de Copas Bar and the 35-year concert venue called Sidecar. For those who like other rhythms like blues, jazz, soul, Latin music or tango, check out the Harlem Jazz Club.

El Born

El Born stands out for its trendy, unique and sophisticated bars, vintage shops and restaurants. The vibe here is more chilled and relaxed with cafes, exquisite cocktails and a more hipster atmosphere. My favorite pub is the Copetin because it plays Latin music and offer delicious cocktails plus a bowl full of popcorn (and sometimes a tapa) every time you have a round. Other modern and trendy bars situated there are the Creps Barcelona, Dr. Stravinsky with its chemistry decoration or Paradiso, the undercover and clandestine pub hidden behind the Pastrami Bar.

Las Ramblas

The main promenade in Barcelona is Las Ramblas. Here people stroll down the street, shop in the many stalls, eat and drink in restaurants or watch artists’s performances. The vibe at night is a little different. Groups of people will be hanging around drinking before entering the many clubs nearby. Some of the clubs that you can find on Las Ramblas are Boulevard Club, Basement 29 Club or the Kiosk La Cazalla.

Attention – Be aware that pickpockets operate in the area at all times. Moreover, prostitutes might try to persuade and harass men to steal from them.

El Raval

On the other side of Las Ramblas, there’s El Raval neighborhood. It looks more rundown and creepier than other districts but it definitely has its own spark. This bohemian area is full of skaters that reunite in front of the MACBA Museum or the Universitat Underground Station. There are many quirky and unique pubs around to start your night like Nevermind or Shenanigans Irish Pub. However, if you are more of a cocktail person you can always pop into Marmalade. The most popular clubs in the area are the Sala Apolo or Moog which plays tech music.

Otto Zutz Barcelona


Nightlife in Gràcia is mainly above the Diagonal Avenue, on the Tusset Street. Clubs here require a dress code and are usually more expensive than other places. Although you can also find hidden bars or smaller clubs where drinks will only be 5€. Some of the clubs that you can go to are Sutton, Costa Breve or Bling Bling. For R&B and Hip Hop lovers you can head over to Otto Sutz Club.


Just a bit further up from El Raval neighborhood we bump into l’Eixample. A sophisticated, modern, trendy and varied area with many pubs, cocktail and musical bars, clubs, chill out restaurants and so on. Near Plaça Catalunya you can have a couple drinks or grab some food in La Taverna while you enjoy live music. Although, if you want a little party while dressing casual try La Fira. Part of the neighborhood is known as Gayxample because of its gay-friendly atmosphere filled with casual bars and clubs like Arena Sala Madre.

Opium Barcelona

Port Olímpic

The main party area for tourists and residents is basically Vila Olímpica, located right next to the Mediterranean Sea. Summers here are crazy, not only during daytime with people sunbathing on the beach or having cocktails but also at night with thousands of party animals heading to the clubs. Some of the most famous clubs are Opium, Pacha or Catwalk which usually have an expensive entrance free and are very very very crowded. I’ve personally had a few bad experiences around this area at night due to pickpockets and drunk people’s behavior. However, it is a good place to experience Barcelona’s nightlife as well as enjoying a wide range of music genres.

There are more neighborhoods in Barcelona that have outstanding venues such as Razzmatazz in the Marina district or the many night events organized in Poble Espanyol, situated in Montjuïc. However, they aren’t as centrally-located but you should definitely check them out if you have some time during your stay.

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Nightlife Barcelona