There are plenty of different areas and shopping centers to go shopping in Barcelona. When travelling, who doesn’t like to buy a piece of clothes from a different shop in a different country?

Around Christmas time, I get my special LIST out (a super long list with specific items and descriptions next to it with information on: where to find the item, how much it costs and who is getting it for you). As you can see, I definitely have a thing for LISTS.


The best event for shopping addicts is taking place in Barcelona along with live music and entertainment in November. Don’t forget that BLACK FRIDAY is also around the corner. As I was saying, the Shopping Night Barcelona takes place on the 22nd of November from 7pm until midnight. But… organize such event?

Shopping in Barcelona

The Shopping Night Barcelona is an event organized by Pleisure and Poble Espanyol that focuses on four elements; shopping, music, gastronomy and culture. The event is carried out as an extra gift to all the public before the craziness of Black Friday.  It also welcomes Christmas.


All shops in Paseo de Gracia and nearby streets open their doors to offer special discounts, a free glass of champagne, something to nibble and of course, magical Xmas decorations. All of this will definitely persuade you to buy one of the items on your Christmas list so… be prepared to make it rain!!


Music has an important roll in this year’s event. Therefore, 7 stages with live musical performances have been allocated along Paseo de Gracia to entertain everybody that wants to join, The music tour will take the crowd through a chronological journey from the twenties to the present with genres like Latin rhythms, Guateque, pop rock and commercial Dj’s.


Moreover, a 4-day “Platillo” Route is prepared to offer little Catalan Christmas dishes starred by 30 Michelin restaurants in Barcelona for a very affordable price. Try what locals eat at Christmas along with a very cold Estrella Damm Beer for just 7€. Check out the different establishments that take part in the route and go for it!


I personally think that Christmas is all about love, people and LIGHTS. Christmas decorations make a place magical. That’s why people like travelling might at this time of the year. If you’re currently in Barcelona and want to see the city lighten up, head over to Paseo de Gracia.