Parc de la Ciutadella was created in 1877 and it was for many years, the only green space in Barcelona. Now, it’s certainly not the only public park in the city. However, it remains one of the most iconic and well regarded spaces in all of Barcelona. It’s also the most popular one among tourists and locals.

The park is an ideal setting for anyone wishing to relax and take in some sun, particularly if the beach strikes you as a little crowded, which it often is.

The park’s fountain is a popular destination for tourists and it’s certainly the most extravagant artistic work in the park. However, it’s far from the only worth seeing. If you walk around the park, you’ll see several art installations that make the park an essential stop for anyone trying to immerse themselves in Barcelona’s art scene.

There’s also a couple bars where you can sit and have a drink. Also, check out the cute lake and rent a boat for a romantic ride. Many people take picnics and hang out in the park in summer.

The park is also home to the Palau del Parlament de Catalunya. It’s basically the offices and meeting place of the Catalan Parliament. If you continue walking towards the sea, you’ll bump into Barcelona’s Zoo.

Hidden Mammoth

The Ciutadella parc was created for the International Exhibition of 1888. Then the naturalist Norbert Font wanted to decorate the park with stone figures of scale animals and dinosaurs that inhabited Catalonia in the past.
The first and only animal created was the spectacular Mammoth. It’s recreated from a fossil found in Siberia in 1901 and placed in the park in 1906. Font’s death halted the project forever.

How to get there:

Bus 60, 67
Metro: Arc de triomf (L1), Ciutadella (L4)
Walking: just 5 minutes from El Born