Hi all! Are you doing rural tourism in Catalonia? As we have been recommending Manresa and points of interest, today we will talk about the Parc de la Séquia.

La Séquia is a medieval canal that was built during the 14th century to supply water from the Llobregat river. From Balsareny to Manresa. It has a route of 26 kilometers, and it was a project of the engineer Guillem Catà.

To make this project a reality on a terrain that is especially irregular, it was necessary to build mines and many aqueducts that leveled the terrain where the canal should pass. Some of these aqueducts are Vilar de Santa Maria and the Conangle aqueduct, which you should not miss because they are true jewels.

You can discover the Park on foot or by bicycle and to make it easier, you can contact the Parc de la Séquia company and hire one of their activities.

In addition to those points of interest, we can also find some others such as:

  • La Resclosa dels Manresans

It is the starting point to see the route, and you will also find the aqueduct along the way. There is also a viewpoint to the waterfall!

  • Cases del Sequiaire

These are the homes of the workers who take care of the maintenance of the Séquia, there are several along the route that approximately remember that they are about 26 kilometers.


In this place on the outskirts of Manresa, and in the city itself, you will find many things to do, both as a family with children, alone or as a couple.

They offer an activity to do the route of the park and you could have breakfast with spectacular views. Do not miss it!

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Thanks for reading us, as always and hope you to have a happy weeek!