Oléeeee tra-tra! How are you doing the week? We are crazy to find a shadow in this city, but it is true that you can see the difference from last summer to this one with its new normal covid-19. Less people, more space… Whoa, what are we going to do? Keep looking for plans for you! Have you ever heard of the famous ‘Tablaos Flamencos’? They are places that offer incredible experiences for affordable prices and different options. Maybe you want to see him having dinner, or with a glass of wine, or just watch the show and be amazed by the art of these flamingos that give life to one of the most beautiful traditions in southern Spain. Today we are going to tell you about the Tablao Cordobés.

What you will find in Tablao Cordobés?

As we enter and look at the decoration of the place, we hear a melody coming from a guitar, the palms and heels continue to clatter on the floor of the tablao. Now begins the music that these great flamingos offer us from their Cordovan venue, fandangos, bulerías or coplas that you can enjoy in a place in the middle of Barcelona. Over the years, the best flamenco artists have impregnated the tables of Cordobés, Camarón de la Isla, Farruco, Eva Yerbabuena, Miguel Poveda, Mayte Martin … their performances have marked a before and after in the tables of Cordobés.

This 60-minute activity will leave you in love with an authentic show that is based on singing, dancing and live music. A show that will represent the best of this art, declared by Unesco in 2010 as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

The plan, in addition to enjoying this show, can be linked to a tasting menu of Spanish products prepared by chef Jordi Narro, with the classic paella or cannelloni, Basque pintxos, skewers and others, and we no longer talk about the drink (sangria, wine …). Do not miss this plan in Barcelona, the Tablao Cordobés will make you fall in love … how has it done with everyone!

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