Hi all! We are Tuesday, August 11, and oddly enough, today nothing is celebrated in the whole world! So you could say, that it is the international day of nothing hahahaha. Wait … we could decree that it is the day of the most creative Barcelona Explorers, it sound good right? Well, I have come here today to explain you that I have discovered an incredible tour, the Tour of Barcelona for Instagram.

At a time when we are all half obsessed with taking as many photos as we can, there is a small part of those photos that we wish we could share with the world. But the reality is that sometimes we try and sometimes it doesn’t work out.

tour of barcelona for instagram

Isn’t it magical to think that there are people who take you around our city to show you the most instagrammable scenarios from Barcelona?

Where you will go in this Tour of Barcelona for Instagram?

In this tour that great professionals guide, you would walk in the oldest part of Barcelona. Starting from the Gothic Quarter, crossing the most medieval district of the city to contemplate the Basilica of Santa María del Pi, the Palau Güell and other outstanding monuments. Perfect scenarios for your Instagram feed!

From here you would go to Born, the neighborhood closest to the Ramblas. After strolling through this area full of bars and terraces, you would go to the Ciutadella Park. This large urban park houses numerous sculptures that make it an open-air art museum. The photos will be spectacular on your Instagram!

Don’t think about it too much and if you come to Barcelona, ​​the Barcelona Tour for Instagram, in addition to being fun, would be cultural, because they will give you details of the city as you go.

I hope you like my tip of the day, and if you don’t feel like it, here are a few more!

Day trips in Barcelona

Some of the best atrractions

What to do!

Please don’t hesitate to share your pictures with us on @barcelonaexplorers with #barcelonaexplorers tag!

Have a nice weeeek!

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