Are you seeing this? The first Geek Supermarket in Barcelona opened its doors on the 7th of February. The Galeries Maldà surprised us again with an out of this world supermarket. It’s actually the first Geek Supermarket in Spain! The cutest items in this shop are probably the small colorful trolleys that you can use to shop around.

Friki Supermarket

The Geek Products

The Geek Supermarket offers a wide range of products that you can only find in specific parts of the world like China, Japan or the U.S. There, you’ll find the strangest drinks that you could ever imagine. Go and taste the blue wine, gold champagne, Harry Potter beer, unicorn tears or the many many MANY flavours of coke.

Geek Supermarket in Barcelona

The Geek Supermarket is not that big, however, there’s loads to choose from. All the shelves are filled with candies, chocolate bars, biscuits and an infinite amount of Pringles flavours. There’s also authentic Japanese prawn and beef noodle and many more delicacies. For those who like unusual or “dangerous” snacks, try the insect box or the Japanese spicy biscuits.

Marla Galleries in Barcelona

The BEST product is definitely the cereal. There are a multitude of different flavors, shapes and themed cereals. The variety is so huge, that you couldn’t try all of them even if you wanted to. My personal favorite has to be the unicorn ones!

First Geek Supermarket in Spain

The new opening has been a total success, which has been a major shock for the owners. As a result, the store will continue to offer new products over time. So, don’t worry if you’ve already tried everything because there’s more to come!

NOTE: One of the next stores to open up in Galeries Maldà will be the STAR WARS store. So get ready! But in the meantime enjoy the 11 themed shops that are now open in Galeries Maldà, Portaferrissa, 22.

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