The old Galeries Maldà opened in 1943 in the Gothic Quarter. Actually, they were the first commercial galleries in Barcelona. However, not many people used to visit as the shops within the shopping area weren’t really that attractive. To be honest, I’d only been in a few times but I never actually bought anything. NOW, it has become the best and only Geek Camden shopping area in Barcelona.

Geek Camden

New Opening: The Geek Camden

Galeríes Maldà underwent a refurbishment and reopened less than a year ago. The main idea was to offer alternative shops that represented a specific geeky theme for geeky people. There’s now 11 new themed shops which come close to a “Camden Town” in London. Or more likely, a Geek Camden in Barcelona. Some of the shops are: Harry Potter, Kame Hame, Games of Thrones or FUNKO. There’s also fashion artisan shops that sell fairy-themed clothing and jewelry, Gothic clothing, the Geek Skin (funny and weird prints) or Propcorn that sell medieval clothes and weapons.

Geeky Shops in Barcelona

The Geeky Shops

Harry Potter

One of the star shops is the Harry Potter one. It’s actually the first themed Harry Potter shop in Spain. Here you can find souvenirs, clothing or specific elements used in the films. Buy one of the character’s wands or your favourite school uniform. For all Harry Potter fans, this is a dream come true. You can definitely find the best presents here for Harry Potter lovers.

Harry Potter in Barcelona

Game of Thrones

The 8-season series, Games of Thrones, has become very popular all around the world. It couldn’t be left out from the new Galeries Maldà. The shop is quite quirky and dark and all elements are nicely decorated. The biggest attraction inside the shop is the famous iron spike Throne. You’ll see people constantly taking selfies while sitting on it.

Kame – Hame Store

The first store that you find when you enter from del Pi Street, is the Kame Hame shop. Do you remember Dragon Ball?. They sell figures, clothing, books and even the Dragon Balls themselves.

This Geek Camden has definitely become the go-to place for Geek lovers. The 11 themed-stores also organize events and activities, check them out too. Galeries Maldà will keep growing to offer a wide range of themes. If you want to know more about new openings or future events, check our other article!

With CARNIVAL around the corner, I’m sure you will find everything you are looking for in Galeries Maldà on Portaferrissa Street, 22.

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