Barcelona is well known for many things, such as architecture, art, nightlife, etc. But as you may know by now if you ever visited the city or investigated it, you must know something else Barcelona is famous for: gastronomy. 

The following might be an overly optimistic statement but the heat is approaching. Since spring it’s right around the corner,  so is the good weather, and we all know good weather goes hand in hand with making plans outside and the awakening of the desire to explore new things.

In this article we want to introduce to you the most trendy restaurants in Barcelona right now, the meeting points of many young people in Barcelona and those where the fun things take place at. 

We’ll forget about traditional spanish food for a moment and focus on the aesthetics and “instagramability” of the restaurants. We can assure you that if you take notes and visit these places you will not only have an incredible gastronomic experience but you will also feel like a 20 year old Barcelona local.

Gala Barcelona

Location: C/ de Provença, 286, 08008 Barcelona

This first one is for sure one of the most interesting ones because of its versatility. The restaurant Gala counts with 5 different spaces. The reception will for sure catch your eye immediately and you won’t be able to resist the urge to snap a picture of it. As you enter the restaurant you’ll see a breathtaking carousel that you might’ve seen in your folks Instagram stories.

The principal hall is where the fun is at. You’ll be able to enjoy drinks from the bar as well as devour a delicious meal. A variety of options is at your disposal, since they offer sushi, pasta, tapas… all you can imagine. The illuminated sign located in this hall is also well-known amongst Barcelona locals. 

The patio is another option if you rather eat outside. It is a perfect choice if you want to enjoy some delicious food whilst you bathe in sunlight. Decoration will for sure steal your heart. 

The library is a perfect mix between cozy and mysterious. You can also make a reservation in this space and have a more intimate experience. 

Belbo Dos Besos

Location: Rambla de Catalunya, 15, 08007 Barcelona

If you enjoy Italian food, Belbo Dos Besos is a must. We’re pretty sure that you’ll recognize the “Shut up and kiss me” neon sign from one of your favorite foodies Instagram stories. 

This restaurant is an ode to fun, music and delicious food, since you’ll be able to enjoy a live show while you have dinner. 

As all the restaurants mentioned in this article, Belbo Dos Besos is a space which Barcelona’s young people enjoy going to because of its festive environment. 

This is a perfect place to celebrate special occasions such as birthday parties. Fun is secured.


Location: Travessera de Gràcia, 44, 08021 Barcelona

Get on board! Enjoy Patron’s food from the sea to the table.  Patrón is one of those restaurants which combines food and party and does it perfectly balanced. 

The most distinguishable thing about Patron is its aesthetics, since it is set as a boat and will make you feel as a sailor. It is a highly immersive experience for sure.

It offers a large variety of seafood but also has other options for those who are not a fan of the sea.  From Thursday to Saturday Patron transforms into a club when the clock turns 12 pm. You will also enjoy live music during your dinner and a DJ will be performing as well, but without disturbing your gastronomic experience. 

Patrón is for sure one of those restaurants you will be excited to come back to. 

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