Summers in Barcelona wouldn’t be the same without xiringuitos. These typical beach bars are a must to enjoy tapas, food and drinks in a very special environment. At night they’re usually illuminated with torches and DJs play live music.

The prices are usually a little higher than in other places but the comfort and the views are worth it. There is nothing like enjoying a mojito at sunset on one of their hammocks while watching the sea. Good vibes online, I promise.

Even if xiringuitos have always been one of the most famous places to go to on the beach, the government recently implemented some legal actions. They want to reduce these beach bars up to a 25% less to ensure a better environment and reduce pollution. Moreover, they’ll increase bins and cleaning services on the beach to make sure visitors and residents enjoy a clean and nice atmosphere. Many locals and even tourists, complain about the state in which the sea is so, there’s clearly some changes to make.


The curious name comes from South America. There, xiringuitos are stalls that sell coffee to workers during their breaks. The first xiringuito in Spain opened in Sitges in 1913 and immediately became a success. Since then they were proliferating to become an irreplaceable summer tradition.

Where & When

There are 19 authorized xiringuitos along the beaches of Barcelona and they open from 9am until 2am.

+ info about beaches: >>here<<

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