As we’ve mentioned in our Before you Arrive Guide, Barcelona has the ideal weather making it one of the main factors when deciding our next destination.

Weather in Barcelona

The best time to enjoy Barcelona’s weather while avoiding big crowds is early summer and fall. That’s May, June, September and early October. If you are the type who loves sun and heat, July and August are the months for you. You’ll get around 28 degrees. Do not forget to put some sun cream on, you certainly don’t want to look like a prawn.

If you want a city break in winter, Barcelona’s weather is generally mild, but do expect some coolness from December to February as well as occasional rain throughout the year.

Weather in Barcelona

High, Mid and Low Seasons

Barcelona has different seasons depending on the weather; High, Mid and Low Season.

High season goes from mid-June to mid-September. Summers are really really hot so kids are off from school and there’s loads going on in the city. However, prices go up, accommodations are booked up and everywhere you go is crowded with tourists.

Beach in Barcelona

Festivals like Sónar or Cruïlla are some of the events that are held near the Port, but there’s also other small outdoor events in summer. The Festa Major is one of the smaller events. They’re basically neighborhood parties that take place during a couple days in the street with drink, music, activities and a lot of entertainment.

Moreover, rooftops have become the trendiest attraction that most people look for when traveling to Barcelona because of its amazing views and atmosphere. Check out the Jazz nights on the History’s Museum of Catalonia terrace. The unique view of the Port will definitely stun you.

Views of Barcelona

I personally recommend visiting Barcelona in the Mid-season. That would be May, June, September and October. The weather starts getting warmer by May and there’s still some sunny days in early October. Accommodation is much cheaper and the city is probably less crowded. It’s also a good time for those who want to watch a match in Camp Nou as FC Barcelona will be in the middle of the league.

Low season is usually from November to March and the weather is often cool and rainy, being December, January and February the coldest months of the year. Every city has its own charm in winter and Barcelona is not least. You can feel a romantic and magical atmosphere all around the city. In winter people here go shopping, visit museums and spend their free time in cafes while having a hot chocolate. To finish up, Christmas is one of my favorite festivities.

Christmas in Barcelona

How to pack the perfect suitcase

Packing a suitcase might get difficult at times as we’re never 100% sure what to expect even if we check the weather ten times before setting off to our destination. Well, now that you know what type of weather Barcelona has, we should also consider some clothing tips.

During early summer and fall make sure you bring a cardigan or a summer jacket with you as well as an umbrella. Early mornings and late nights can get a bit cool so, avoid catching a cold.

Pack very light clothes for July and August like shorts and T-shirts as well as a swimsuit to enjoy Barcelona’s beaches. Unlike summer, bring a warm jacket, trousers and boots for winter as it can get cold and dull.

You can actually walk all across the city if you wanted to as the center is quite tiny. However, the best way to experience Barcelona like a local is by bike. This trendy transport is very practical because all the city has cycling paths. Having said that, make sure you pack a pair of trainers or comfortable shoes apart from your flip-flops.

It’s strictly prohibited to walk around shirtless or in your swimsuit when walking around the city, unless you’re on the beach.