Giants of BarcelonaThe Giants of Barcelona are basically sculptures of people made out of wood, plaster & cardboard of about 3 meters high. Their internal structure allows a person or two to carry them and make them dance.

Each neighborhood, trade organisations and other associations have their own representatives. They usually participate in parades and dance during the main festivities of the city. (Mercé: September 24th, Sta Eulalia: February 12th). It’s definitely a good time to come to Barcelona as you’ll get to experience all these unique festivities and traditions.


Gegants of Barcelona were first documented in 1424. At first, the giants’ costumes were very basic, but over the time they became more sophisticated. Now, they even bring different fabrics and tailors from Paris.
Barcelona’s City giants are Jaume I and Violant d’Hongria are the names of Barcelona’s Gegants

Giants parking

Finally, you have a chance to see the giants away from the festivities season at the Casa dels Entremesos. It’s the associations’ headquarters. Here, Giant’s from over 30 cities, “colles geganters” (gangs of giants) rest and are exhibited. It’s certainly a good choice if you like giant stuff or weird exhibitions.

How to get there

Address Pl. Beates 2
Metro Jaume I (L4)
Bus 17,19, 45
Walking 2 minutes from Cathedral
Schedule: Tue to Sat 10am-1pm & 4pm-7pm, Sun 11am-2pm